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Susan Krantz Gabriel


Department of Philosophy
Saint Anselm College

(Ph.D., Brown University, 1980--dissertation, Brentano's Theodicy; A.M., Brown, 1978; B.A., Hamline University, 1973)

Courses Spring Semester 2014


HU102-V Humanities Sem II 1:00PM TR

PH107-D Ethics 10:30AM MWF

PH107-H Ethics 11:30AM MWF

PH326-A Philosophy of God 11:30AM TR



Office Hours


Research Interests

History of Philosophy, especially Franz Brentano (1838-1917) and Thomas Reid (1710-1796)

Recent publications include:
"Brentano and Medieval Philosophy:  Albertus Magnus and the Substantiality of the Soul," Brentano Studien XII, 2006/2009, 357-367.  
"Brentano on Religion and Natural Theology," in The Cambridge Companion to Brentano (Cambridge University Press, 2004).
Refuting Peter Singer's Ethical Theory:  The Importance of Human Dignity (Praeger, 2002).
"Brentano's Empirical Aesthetics," Brentano Studien IX, 215-228; "Intentionality and Consciousness:  Brentano" in The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy (Edinburgh, 1999)

Current research: a study of the philosophy of Thomas Reid, in particular, Reid's Theodicy

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